Kellen McAvoySocial Media Enthusiast. Strategic Marketing Developer. Content Creator.  Social media is not your typical job with a specified set of skills. It changes and evolves everyday meaning social strategists are expected to be on top of the trends and technology. As a Social Media Project Manager at Internet Marketing Inc., I am challenged with discovering new digital industry trends and developing innovative campaigns for our clients. My day consists of creating content calendars, engaging with fans on Hootsuite, resolving customer care issues, analyzing current campaigns, researching new tools to streamline current processes, identifying social influencers, and creating social ad campaigns. That’s just a peak into my Monday morning 🙂 Since social media never sleeps, neither do I.  Social media is not a 9 to 5 career where you can go home and relish in the glory of fulfilling another day’s work. If there’s a social post that didn’t get published properly or a customer service issue, it must be resolved (and fast!). Though it is stressful and challenging at times, social media is a very rewarding career. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketers have the ability to grow and strengthen relationships between brands and their customers by having real time conversations. These conversations and day to day interactions build brand loyalty that lasts much longer than a one time special offer.

My goals as a social media marketer for my clients include building brand awareness, growing an online community, fostering relationships through social media, and driving online sales. I am truly an advocate for social media and its importance for business growth and development.  With experience at Internet Marketing Inc., the Active Network, and Steve Grady Insurance Services, I understand how to identify one’s target audience, grow that community, create “shareable” content, and engage with those fans.

So what are you waiting for? Join the conversation and be a part of the social media experience!


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