Student Seeking Professional Career

Private-schooled student starts San Diego State University with an interest in Nursing.  Soon this ambition quickly changes to Journalism Media Studies as a result of the perfect transfer of college courses into the program.  ”That’s quite a different direction,” some would say.  However, what seemed as an unlikely fit became the perfect entrance into a career in Social Media Marketing exploring the need for health in American society.

Using social media, Kellen has had numerous professional experiences in health related industries beginning with Active Network.  The skills developed from this position paved the way for an internship with the authors of the newly released book “Women I Want to Grow Old With”.  Currently, Kellen is the Social Media Marketing Director for a health insurance agent at Steve Grady Insurance Services.

If you are seeking an experienced professional in the field of Social Media Marketing, add Kellen to your team!


About Kellen McAvoy

I’m a craft brew loving, fitness fanatic eating my way through America’s Finest City. On any given day you can find me running (literally) around San Diego as I train for my first FULL MARATHON this October! I’m a 3x Half Marathoner, Bikini Body Guide finisher, and lover of all workouts related to Spinning, Body Pump, Pilates, and more recently Yoga. I am a firm believer and advocate for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and strive to portray that through my blog.
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