Sunday June 24 we began our travels to Rome. It was a ten hour train ride with three trains again. We spent the day sleeping, watching videos on our phones, and waiting to arrive in the city. When we did arrive, we were welcomed with a 90 degree heat at 8 pm and a room with no air conditioning. All I wanted was some ice, but again it’s not common to have ice anywhere in Europe which made this desire unrealistic.

Our hostel was more of an apartment called the Secret Gardens that was off of Manzoni close to the metro. It had 4 beds in our room and a beautiful terrace on the roof where breakfast was served every morning.

After unloading our luggage, we took a walk around the city in search of the Spanish Steps. On our walk, we were greeted by streets filled with Italians screaming with joy of their win against London in the Euro Cup. I have never seen such pride for one’s country for a sporting event like that.

As we continued our walk, we finally found the steps which were lined with kids and tourists sitting and drinking wine. We took the bus home and waited for our next day of explorations.


About Kellen McAvoy

I’m a craft brew loving, fitness fanatic eating my way through America’s Finest City. On any given day you can find me running (literally) around San Diego as I train for my first FULL MARATHON this October! I’m a 3x Half Marathoner, Bikini Body Guide finisher, and lover of all workouts related to Spinning, Body Pump, Pilates, and more recently Yoga. I am a firm believer and advocate for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and strive to portray that through my blog.
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