The Trevi Fountain

Monday June 25 we traveled everywhere in Rome. We started the morning at the Colesseo which was absolutely amazing! It was huge and the pictures do not do it’s architecture justice. We took pictures with “roman soldiers” who then tried to charge us five euros for taking pictures with them when they originated the photography session. We denied and just continued our journeys towards the Circus Maximo and the Arco de ———- . The fountains and buildings were old but a stunning piece of history. They have not been modernized and the streets seem to have not been repaved. After walking for what seemed like forever, we arrived at the Pantheon. It was located in an area with small restaurants and a fountain where we could finally fill our water bottles for our parched mouths.

Continuing our journey, we next stopped at the Trevi Fountain where I tossed the coin over my left shoulder as I made a wish. It was the best feeling in the world to be there and experience the water splashing onto my feet on the hot summer day and consuming the breath taking structure. It was a place filled with people, pictures, and many wishes.

Our next stop was the Spanish Steps and lunch at a quaint restaurant where I devoured spaghetti carbonara. It was the most delicious meal I have eaten this entire trip. The sauce was light but flavorful and the bread was thin and fresh with many herbs inside. It was the perfect meal to end a perfect day.

Needless to say, we were exhausted and napped for hours only to wake up and drink on the terrace, miss the pub crawl, and eat more pizza! We were so surprised there were such few places open around midnight since Barcelona was thriving at night. However, the pizza and gelato did the trick. My pizza was covered in prosciutto, mozzarella, onion, and basil. It was mouth watering. We also ordered a pizza with stringed potatoes on it that looked like hash browns on bread. It had a light flavor and was simple.

After the walking and food, we slept wonderfully that evening.


About Kellen McAvoy

I’m a craft brew loving, fitness fanatic eating my way through America’s Finest City. On any given day you can find me running (literally) around San Diego as I train for my first FULL MARATHON this October! I’m a 3x Half Marathoner, Bikini Body Guide finisher, and lover of all workouts related to Spinning, Body Pump, Pilates, and more recently Yoga. I am a firm believer and advocate for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and strive to portray that through my blog.
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