Barcelona, Spain

Thursday June 21st was our last full day in Barcelona. We started the day with a classic hostel meal consisting of cereal and toast. After, we hopped on the metro towards the train station to book our tickets to Nice for Friday. We waited 3 hours at the train station that day to simply reserve a ticket for a high speed train to Nice that would take roughly 10 hours. The news of this long day of traveling ahead of us was devastating to say the least.

We finished our last day in Barcelona with a slice of pizza on a baguette on the streets of Las Ramblas along with a scoop of Nutella gelato that tasted exactly like Nutella. The exquisiteness of the gelato was magnificent and something I hope to have again in Italy.

To complete our evening, we walked along Las Ramblas and the Barcelona harbor to the beaches. Once we reached the beach, we had a casual dinner outside as we consumed the warm weather, the glowing sunset, and the crisp taste of a Cesar salad after a long day. While walking back to the hostel, we said adios to Barcelona a we were sipping Sangria on the terrace mingling with the other travelers from London, New York, India, Australia, and California. It was a trip and a country I’ll never forget filled with bustling streets, beautiful beaches, and rowdy bars on every corner. Needless to say, I was anxious to move on to my next adventure in Nice.


About Kellen McAvoy

I’m a craft brew loving, fitness fanatic eating my way through America’s Finest City. On any given day you can find me running (literally) around San Diego as I train for my first FULL MARATHON this October! I’m a 3x Half Marathoner, Bikini Body Guide finisher, and lover of all workouts related to Spinning, Body Pump, Pilates, and more recently Yoga. I am a firm believer and advocate for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and strive to portray that through my blog.
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